Representing over 130 industry transactions since 1991.

We represent YOU

R.A. Cohen Consulting is a well-respected leader when it comes to the valuation and sale of your staffing firm. We are unique in our ability to provide a full spectrum of M&A services to dynamic entrepreneurs who wish to maximize the return on their invested time and enterprise resources.

We provide you with unparalleled personal attention while carefully guiding you through the entire M&A process. We are unsurpassed in the art of valuing, packaging, marketing your value proposition and completing a transaction with your goals and objectives in mind. Our first priority is to provide personal attention and maximum value to you, our client.

We give you access to a number of respected and experienced buyers

We aggressively maintain ongoing relationships and contacts within the staffing arena. We have hundreds of pre-qualified companies in our database, including a wide choice among publicly held, private companies, and private equity acquirers.   Our buyer contacts represent a virtual “Who’s Who” in the staffing industry.

We only work with qualified, serious buyers. We eliminate dealings with “tire-kickers and firms that want to buy your business with your money. Our broad exposure can provide you with a multitude of competitive offers, helping to maximize the return on your enterprise’s value. It also provides you with a range of choices among company cultures, operating synergies and growth potential for any equity participation.

We can free you from disruption

The most precious commodity that you have in your business day is your time. Our research shows that without professional representation, business owners can become intimately involved in transaction details, distracting them from the operation of their business. With R.A. Cohen Consulting as your representative, the myriad of details encompassing the sale of your business will be handled promptly, efficiently and discreetly by experienced professionals. You run your company while we run the deal, keeping you informed at every step

We are discreet, confidential and experienced

We secure and maintain confidentiality in everything we do with prospective buyers through the use of legally-binding Confidentiality Agreements. We only work with buyers known to us from previous dealings or buyers that have been thoroughly qualified through direct contact and verification. We have never had a breach of a Confidentiality Agreement since our inception.

By having a representative, you have the option of remaining anonymous until we have identified and qualified a suitable buyer. We discuss and recommend a range of prospective buyers during our engagement but only contact them with your authorization. Finally, our representation enables you to shield your employees and customers from the activities related to marketing your business. We initiate action only with your instructions.