M&A’s and Services Exclusively for the Staffing Industry

Seller Services

  • Assess your company’s strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Review and analyze company financial information.
  • Determine your company’s market value.
  • Prepare company profile and Confidential Offering Memorandum.
  • Identify suitable and qualified buyers and make contact.
  • Screen buyer inquiries, arrange visits and evaluate offers.
  • Negotiate selling price and deal structure.
  • Assist in due diligence and closing.

Guideline for Selling a Staffing Business

Buyer Services

  • Identify your acquisition goals.
  • Help to develop and/or refine your acquisition strategy.
  • Identify your acquisition team.
  • Identify specific acquisition criteria.
  • Locate and qualify suitable candidates.
  • Collect and analyze data for suitability.
  • Develop Term Sheet or a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Guideline for Buying a Staffing Company

The Eight Steps Used to Provide Full Service M&A Consulting

1. Evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses

Using a personal interview and a detailed profile assessment process, one of our team members will give you feedback and suggestions on whether this is the right time to market your company.

2. Review and analyze your company’s financial information

With a customized Income Statement worksheet and easy to follow guidelines, we will help you create a trailing 12-month financial overview which provides a basis for your valuation.

3. Determine your company “market value”

Before any attempt is made to sell your company we will give you a current range of market values and discuss whether it meets your financial objectives and ways that could help you increase the value of your business.

4. Prepare an anonymous company overview and Confidential Offering Memorandum (COM)

Buyers have repeatedly praised our concise and informative COM’s that allow them to review a company without reading volumes of paper. They know that we do a professional job of pre-screening all acquisition candidates.

5. Identify suitable buyers and make effective contact

We are a full service company. We are not a dating service. We want to select the company with the right cultural fit as well as maximize your financial return. Using our combined 70+ years of industry experience, we know which public or private buyers will be the best fit for you. Before any buyers are contacted, you will approve all potential buyers.

6. Screen buyer inquiries, arrange calls, visits and evaluate offers

Finding the right buyer can be a time consuming, arduous process that would normally take vital time from your schedule while you are still trying to run your company. We will recommend that you only spend your valuable meeting with prospective buyers when we know they are serious and in the appropriate value range.

7. Negotiate selling price and deal structure

A good M&A advisor adds extra value during this part of the acquisition process. Having completed over 130  successful transactions as advisors, we can provide you with proven and successful negotiating and structuring techniques that can mean money in your pocket and peace of mind after the sale. This is where our experience counts.

8. Assist in due diligence and closing

We will be accessible until your transaction is completed and beyond. Full service M&A advice does not end until all post-closing provisions have met your approval. We are with you before, during and after the sale.